Buy [50$] Selfreg PVA Facebook Ukraine Account. Reinstated. Selfie passed. Registered via SMS. Warmed up for 10+ days. Intersts + Friends + Docs + 2 BM + 2FA + 2 FP + Avatar + Mail + Token + Cookies + User-Agent

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Facebook accounts from Ukraine. Created on high-quality mobile proxies, female profile, names in Cyrillic. Added friends. Completed a deep 10-day account preparation. BM and FP created. Pro mode enabled.

Account preparation steps:

- Registration of accounts is carried out (via SMS. The number will be untied.) on a clean antidetect profile. Which is pre-warmed through cookie farming on more than 50 sites. After registration, the accounts go through a short period of inactivity of several days.

- For initial registration, as well as further work with accounts, high-quality private mobile proxies of operators Kyivstar, Life, Vodafone are used. Location Kyiv.

- At the first stage, the profile is filled in and the primary interaction with the content, as well as with the basic functionality of the social network.

- The main stage of preparation is a multi-level, deep imitation of user activity. This includes several areas in which work is being done in the account. 1. Interaction with content. 2. Interaction with other users. 3. Interaction with advertising tools. 4. Work on external farming.

- At the stage of interaction with content, the main operations are: scrolling, liking, posting, reposting, commenting, uploading photos. This stage also includes watching videos and other activities like playing games.

- Interaction with other users includes correspondence and adding new friends, the number of which can reach up to 100 on some accounts. In this case, only live users are added, without Turks and Arabs.

- A separate and very important stage is the interaction with advertising tools. This includes the creation of 2 FPs on neutral topics, as well as their separate farming with inviting friends, filling in and posting, including delayed publications. FP has followers and likes. Also, the creation of 2 BMs and their confirmation by mail. Passed Blue Print courses to further orient the account to work with advertising tools in the future.

- The initiation of the ban on advertising activities is carried out after the account has become familiar with advertising tools, as well as the creation of BM. Unique photographic materials were used to pass the ban. Included. In addition, if a selfie checkpoint occurred on accounts, it was also passed.

- A separate and important part of preparing accounts is activity outside of facebook, this includes visiting, as well as authorization and registration on various sites, portals and services. Leaving leads, interacting and reposting other content from twitch or youtube.

- Throughout the preparation, selective clicks on advertising were carried out to consolidate the emerging interests of accounts, of which there are 15-20 pieces on each account.

- At the last stage, all the advertising tools of the accounts are checked again, as well as the token and cookies are extracted, which contain the cookies of all third-party sites. After the preparation is completed, the accounts are checked out.

Based on the results of the 10-day preparation, the accounts look and work like the accounts of real users. Accounts have friends and activity, as well as accounts focused on further advertising activities. The total age of accounts is at least 14 days. Docks included.

Check your accounts before first logging in. The working state of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or by checker

After logging into your account, no changes are made. All accounts are verified in this way before listing for sale!

Two-factor authentication enabled. The set contains 2 2FA codes. There is a key to get new codes via 

- ZRD account passed;

NOX - SMS registration.

GEO - Ukraine.

Includes Mail.

Includes Token EAAB.

Includes  UserAgent.

Included JSON Cookie.

Format: login | password | name | birthday | mail | password | link | act | 2FA | token | user-agent | cookies | profile photo | broswer settings | docs