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Basic principles of working with Facebook softregs from Ukraine.

Advertising opportunities of the social network Facebook attract a lot of new marketers, SMM specialists and affiliates every year. Facebook provides powerful tools for targeting and promoting any product for the most remote regions of our planet and for the smallest groups of people. The capabilities of the advertising office allow you to find similar audiences not yet covered by advertising and show them your products or services. Thus, Facebook, as a platform for advertisers, is perhaps the most important platform in the world for distributing products, goods or content throughout the Internet!

This year has brought us a lot of innovations in this advertising business. The frequency with which Facebook has made changes to its tools this year will eclipse all recent years combined! No one hid from them, from a newcomer in the outback, advertising his flower shop, to large metropolitan marketing agencies leading hundreds of clients and spending tens of millions of hryvnia on advertising a year. The approach of both of them became in many respects similar, both of them suddenly needed to buy a Facebook account for advertising. Rather, they were bought in hundreds, depending on the volume and needs. A trip to a digital goods store has long been a common thing for both large companies and SMM professionals working in solo. In this article, we will try to highlight the basic rules for working with such accounts and the Facebook advertising platform in general.

This is not the first article in which we discuss the basics of work, but today we will talk about the most important thing, about what all the work is based on. Without knowing this, tackling the advertising market will be like playing a one-armed bandit with a couple of coins in his pocket. We'll talk about computer literacy, expectations, start-up capital, and when to stop. I promise that even the most inveterate and hardened advertiser will find out for himself a couple of new and fresh ideas and thoughts, which we will share based on our small but valuable experience.

Previously, it was impossible to buy Facebook softreg account, or rather, you can, but it was not easy. Large platforms with digital goods had not yet opened their doors, so we had to search out and solicit sites with accounts from friends and acquaintances. Or they even had to buy from hands, which, of course, was quite risky. This is where you needed computer literacy, as well as the ability to understand the Internet. This later had a very beneficial effect on the speed of mastering Facebook advertising offices, Facebook business managers, and everything connected with it. It is these first arbitrageurs, as now, who call a whole class of SMM specialists and popularized this type of activity, which attracted many newcomers of the second wave to arbitration. Realizing that you can earn not only by draining traffic, but also by accepting it, they opened the first affiliate programs throughout the CIS, and it so happened that one of the really large affiliate programs appeared just in Ukraine.

The market grew and flourished. In those days, few people needed to softreg Facebook accounts, because they were simply not blocked, or they did it very rarely. And besides, they gave in to unlocking quite easily. What made registration and subsequent trading an uninteresting type of business, compared to advertising itself, which brought such high dividends that people managed to make fortunes and establish large, even by today's standards, businesses. All this was possible because launching and working with advertising was extremely simple and did not put any obstacles in the way for advertisers of, frankly, highly questionable products. But this could not last forever, and this era, which I call the era of great ROI or the era of cosmic profit, has come to an end. We'll talk about the reasons, prerequisites and consequences of this near the end of the article.

The main principle of correct work with Ukrainian accounts.

It is definitely not necessary to enter arbitration with empty pockets, the budget which needs to be named is very difficult, but it definitely should not be less than two thousand dollars. And it doesn't include things like softregs facebook or other consumables. You only need this amount for traffic, this is the amount you need to have to pay it to Facebook. At the same time, when paying this money, you must understand what you are doing, because you can wait by the sea for the weather, that is, purchases on your website, and not wait for them at all, given the already spent budgets. By the way, here you can already tell when it is worth stopping, but we will return to this later. The key idea in arbitration is not to mindlessly fill in advertising in the hope that you will find a solvent audience, but to work out all possible aspects of it, and even then your budget may merge into a minus. We will develop this topic further.

When you set up an ad, in addition to all other settings, you come up with whom to target it, come up with a call to action, and put a photo or video that appears in the feed to the end user. So, no matter how much you like your ad, no matter how thoughtful it is, it will not work right away, and this is where we come to expectations. You think that by launching a campaign, you can already calculate your profit, of course not. You need to wait until the end of the reporting period, deduct expenses on consumables, other expenses, such as those when you needed to buy accs of fb, this is also money. Only by counting all this will you begin to understand what you received in the end, and this never meets expectations, in our experience. Lucky if you had super profit, as it was at the dawn of the advertising activities of many of the current guardians of this area. In the last part, we will learn how a simple niche for those interested in making money on the Internet has turned into one of the toughest and most hostile areas of advertising to work. But at the same time, she mysteriously only became more attractive.

Probably, we have even more people who want to start working than people who want to become bloggers. The attractiveness did not fall due to the popularization of this area thanks to cases from large teams, which are de facto companies or agencies that exist according to ordinary business laws. But those who vindicate their image as if they are free as the wind are freelancers, only with higher earnings and deep knowledge. In Ukraine, the percentage of such young people is no less than in Russia, and they all need high-quality consumables like Facebook softregs with a token and the market gives them this opportunity today, in view of the most serious restrictions that have fallen on everyone over the past couple of years.

The recruits who came to our topic do not differ in particularly deep knowledge or experience that they brought from related fields. They have a drive to learn, try and develop. There are some problems with training, because the community is for the most part closed to the exchange of knowledge, and it is extremely rare to share valuable information, so it remains to try for yourself. And here it is important not to overdo it, as we said at the beginning, you need to stop somewhere if it doesn't work out. In our opinion, this milestone is at around five hundred dollars with zero ROI. If you are a beginner and are reading these lines, then slow down and think, maybe this is not yours. We wish you only well. Sincerely.

What can be summed up under the above. Have we learned the principles of work? I think that we have brought in some understanding. There is no easy money here anymore. This is not a hobby, but a full-time job. Come in only if you have experience, a mentor, or a large budget to pay for services, you can easily buy fb softreg in the amount of hundreds of pieces, as well as buy a proxy. Let's just say that you can make money here, it is best to join a team, where you can become familiar with the topic and start growing. Or rhinestone to organize your team, there are enough specialists who will help you with development. This is not taught anywhere, everyone you meet came here as green newbies, but found faith when they made their first money. Everyone strives to make work more transparent, both in teams and in pp. Resumes mean little in arbitration. Success with us is measured by only one indicator, how many leads you have daily.

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