Terms and conditions

Site rules

The terms and conditions you agree to when purchasing a product from NPPRSHOP:



1. The online store “https://npprteam.shop/” (hereinafter referred to as the “Store”) does not create accounts (in any kind), profiles, personal pages, ad accounts, ads accounts, business managers on any websites, social networks or advertising systems, but also does not initiate their[Accounts] sale.

1.1 The Store does not have the tools, equipment, or software to control the information sold in the Store.

1.2 The store is an intermediary platform between the seller (creator) of accounts and the buyer.

1.3 The store is not responsible and does not control for accounts, and also does not manage text information (login data) and does not guarantee its correctness, since it has nothing to do with the accounts producing.

1.4 The Seller (hereinafter referred to as the “Supplier”) is responsible for the quality and performance of accounts.



2. Responsibility of the Supplier and the procedure for returning invalid (defective) goods in relation to Facebook accounts

2.1 The supplier guarantees the functionality of accounts at the time of sale (transfer of accounts to the buyer). The buyer assumes full responsibility for the accounts and must independently verify their functionality. To do this, you need to immediately, immediately after purchase, check your accounts by id. This can be done by following the link facebook.com / account id (the id is in the access to the purchased account), or use the Checker https://checkaccs.nppr.team/ (hereinafter referred to as the “Checker”). If accounts are accessible by id or the checker indicates their activity, further claims regarding the accounts will not be accepted (Except for the cases described in clause 2.2.1).

2.1.1 If, as a result of the check, inaccessible accounts are found, you must immediately write to Telegram store support: NPPRTEAM_SUPPORT (hereinafter referred to as “Support”). Provide screenshots from the checker, order number, and a complete list of defective accounts.

2.1.2 After logging into accounts or adding them up in dolphin or other similar system, accounts are not replaced in this case.

2.2 The Supplier guarantees that there are no ZRD (Advertising restrictions) on accounts.

2.2.1 If the accounts have an ZRD that occurred at least 1 day before the purchase, the account is considered defective and is replaced. To receive a replacement, you must provide screenshots from the account quality section, where the date of the restrictions would be visible.

2.2.2 In case of detection of a ban on accounts that occurred on the day of purchase, if it is not possible to determine the exact time of the ban, such accounts will not be replaced.


3. Responsibility of the Supplier and the procedure for returning invalid (defective) goods in relation to Business Managers (hereinafter referred to as “BM”) of Facebook.

3.1 The supplier is responsible for performance only at the time of sale (Login to BM via the invitation link). If the buyer managed to successfully enter the BM, responsibility for it completely passes to the buyer.

3.1.1 If the buyer is unable to log into the BM for any reason, he is obliged to record (take screenshots) all errors or problems associated with the login. Then immediately contact support, providing screenshots, order number, as well as links to the BM for which problems are observed.


4. Responsibility of the Supplier and the procedure for returning invalid (defective) goods in relation to Facebook Fan Pages (hereinafter referred to as “FP”).

4.1 The Supplier is responsible for the performance of the FP only at the time of acceptance of the invitation to administer it. If the buyer accepts the invitation, responsibility for the financial transaction passes entirely to the buyer.


5. Responsibility of the Supplier and the procedure for returning invalid (defective) goods in relation to Tik Tok accounts.

5.1 The Supplier guarantees the functionality of accounts until the card is linked or any actions are performed in the account other than logging into it. After logging in, you need to make sure that the account is not blocked; if this is the case, then responsibility for it passes entirely to the buyer.

5.1.1 If you logged into your account without using an anti-detect browser and a geo proxy corresponding to the geo account, no replacement will be made.

5.1.2 If the account is blocked after logging in through the antidetect browser and geo proxy corresponding to the geo account, before performing any actions on the account, a replacement is made.


6. The Supplier's responsibility in case of problems with accounts in relation to Yandex, Google accounts, as well as accounts from any other platforms not mentioned in these rules, corresponds to the conditions described in paragraph 5 of these store rules.


7. Other conditions for replacement.

7.1 If the claims to the product do not include any of the listed situations, the Supplier considers each such case individually.

7.1.1 Fully valid accounts (Products) purchased in the store or issued through technical support that do not have any defects cannot be returned or replaced. This also includes accounts purchased by accident, by mistake, inattention, and/or for any other reason.