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Our main priority is product quality and availability. Based on more than two years of experience in affiliate marketing, we carefully select and test FB accounts for advertising Facebook Ad and Facebook BMs. We also try to maintain a low cost in the accounts market.

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[39$ 35$] [50$] PVA Selfreg Facebook From PL. Reg on PC via Antik Browser™. Reinstated personal account + 2 reinstated BM. Prepared for 16d. 100+ Friends + Interests + BM + FP + 2FA + Mail + Token + Cookies + UA 5 35.00 $ / 1 pcs
[49$ 39$] [50$] PVA Selfreg Facebook From GB. Reg on PC via Antik Browser™. Reinstated personal account + 2 reinstated BM. Prepared for 16d. 100+ Friends + Interests + BM + FP + 2FA + Mail + Token + Cookies + UA 3 39.00 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] Selfreg PVA Facebook USA Account. Registered via SMS. Reinstated. Selfie passed. Friends + FP + Token + Cookies + User-Agent 0 8.00 $ / 1 pcs
[12$ 7$] [50$] Selfreg PVA Facebook USA Account. Reinstated. Registered via SMS. Basic Warmed up. 2 FP + Selfie + Avatar + Mail + Token + Cookies + User-Agent 15 7.00 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] Selfreg PVA Facebook Account from USA. Reinstated BM. Invitation link + BM + 2FA + Profile picture + Mail + Token + Cookies + User-Agent 16 7.40 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] Selfreg PVA Facebook Ukraine Account. Registered via SMS. PRO MODE Enabled. Reinstated. Selfie passed. FP + Token + Cookies + User-Agent 2 6.60 $ / 1 pcs

How to use Facebook accounts with a passed ZRD and how they differ from other accounts.

You can indulge in memories of the old days for a long time, when no one put a spoke in the wheels when launching any advertisement. These were carefree years with the confidence that this will continue to be so and nothing will change, but there is nothing constant under the sun. And the end of 2020 was marked by simply catastrophic problems for everyone who is somehow connected with advertising in the FB. Things only got worse in 2021. We wanted to quickly launch the promotion of our product, no matter how it was! Would you like to get tested? Good. For advertisers who work for clients, for agencies this has become a serious headache, but at the very least they have gone through this stage, although they have not recovered from it. And what was to be done for everyone else, whose start of work with any account was postponed by 24, or even 48 hours. The losses were colossal.

The three most frightening words in all of 2020 sounded from every advertising chats and no one could answer the question of what to do if there was an account restricted from advertising. Someone tried to find a way to avoid this, which in general it turned out at first, someone, realizing the inevitability of the whole situation, summoned him and heroically tried to cope with it. The market responded immediately, and immediately there were reinstated Facebook accounts and for fabulous money. The demand was serious, of course, everyone wanted to save 48 hours of their time! Accounts were also actively sold where the ban had already come, but it was not restored.

Let's figure it out with you, what is it all about, facebook accounts with passed ZRD. In fact, there is nothing complicated here, just someone filed for unlocking for you, the restrictions were lifted, and then the account was sold to you. Everything is simple, isn't it? Not quite, it turned out to be not so easy to successfully return the offices to working condition, or rather it will be said that not all of them returned. That is, the deficit and the price were mainly formed from the ratio of sent and returned accounts. By establishing this category in our store, we pursued our main goal, which we never change. A quality product for a reasonable price. On the Internet, you can find accounts twice as expensive as our price, but greatly cheaper.

Is it difficult to do everything yourself and not buy anything? The answer is very banal and obvious, of course not difficult, but time-consuming and may not always be cost-effective if you also add advertising. Here we will briefly return to one of our previous articles, where we talked about the fact that you cannot do everything yourself. You can't farm, warm up, customize landing pages. You just won't be enough for everything. Trust our experience and do arbitration, not routine work! If you still decide to buy a Facebook ZRD account, then you are welcome to our store, the prices will pleasantly surprise you!

Practical use of FB accounts with ZRD their features.

Disputes about the trust, and how the fb accounts behave with the passed ZRD are constantly going on, no one comes to a consensus. Some say that these are all the same accounts and there is nothing special about them, probably these people do not buy them ... And their opponents say that their advertising works almost three times better than on ordinary ones, where the ban did not come ... For our part, we will say that there should be at least a little bit of trust, but more, all of these you send information about yourself to the FB and they, after all, unblock your advertising account based on it, that is, they kind of recognize you as an advertiser. And this already means a lot in our difficult business.

In practice, their use assumes and, of course, does not completely exclude such measures as antidetect and high-quality proxies. As long as the trust account would not be at your disposal, you need to maintain anonymity in all cases. Therefore, before you buy a Facebook account with ZRD, acquire the necessary tools for work. Do not scold us for repeating common truths, this information is mainly published for our colleagues from the SMM sphere, who are looking for a replacement for their or client accounts, or are expanding their fleet of consumables.

At the end of the article, I would like to note that we live in a difficult time in terms of changes in FB advertising, and it will never be easier again. For some reason, many refuse to understand this, but instead believe that everything will pass, and again it will be possible to work carefree and no one will put the proverbial spokes in the wheels from the beginning of the article. But no, the screws will tighten more and more, how long have you restored your accounts yourself, how did you manage to get a lot back? It's time to take off your rose-colored glasses and focus on arbitration, share responsibilities in teams, so that everyone does their part of the work, which they do better. Farmers were farming, creatives were making advertising materials, and buyers were only thinking about how to make a profit. And consumables and other expenses began to be included in the team's budget, whether it was the need to buy FB ZRD accounts or pay for a tracker or creo. This should not slow down the process and become a bottleneck.

The last thing I would like to note is our positive attitude towards the future. In the advertising market, many people think that all sellers, service owners and other market participants only profit from poor affiliate marketers. This is not true. Imagine a typical offline business, where there are raw materials, logistics, development costs, business plans, employees and other elements of the well-coordinated work of any business. We are gradually coming to the same thing, you do not see, take a closer look at it. The purchase of raw materials is another way to buy fb accounts. Logistics is about finding and testing accounts. Development costs are our testing approaches. Business plan - we have it essentially the same, we decide on what and where to pour and select the right resources for this. You understand our train of thought, build your work as an offline business, buy what you need, and do not waste time on non-profitable actions. Can you imagine a businessman who is both a manager and a driver, an accountant and a cleaner at the same time, this is nonsense. Likewise in advertising, the times when everyone did everything by themselves is gone, it's time to spend money to make money. A new reality is coming, and we are already there with one foot, follow us and success awaits all of us!

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