Tips for work

Recommendations for setting up an antidetect finger-print:

OS - Windows
Proxy - Ukraine (Kyivstar), you can buy here -
Resolution - 1366x768
Languages ​​- Ukrainian
GEO - based on ip address
User-Agent - take from the file with account data

Before login or downloading cookies, check your anonymity on the site (should be 90-100%)

Startup recommendations:

This recommendations may help with prepare accounts to avoid restrictions or checkpoints.

1) You should use an antidetect browser.
2) Avoid any activity on accounts, within at least 12-24h.
3) Add a pyment method.
4) Avoid any activity after adding, at least 4-6h.


Some tips from our coustomer about warmed up accouts with BM:

1. Add account in antidetect. Done some likes, reposts, add friends diring 24h period.
2. Next day, adding card and create a pixel. Fillin a Bm with absent data. And again some activity diring 12h period(likes, reposts, add friends)
3. Next step is warming up a fan page. Ad target: fan page subscribers. 1$ per day is enough. Do a manual billing pay.
4. Adding a domain and setup conversions ad campaing.
5. Launching conversions ad campaing.


NPPR + Keitaro + Curl = full site proxying + BONUS.