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Our main priority is product quality and availability. Based on more than two years of experience in affiliate marketing, we carefully select and test FB accounts for advertising Facebook Ad and Facebook BMs. We also try to maintain a low cost in the accounts market.

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The advantages of using multiple ZRD passed accounts at the same time.

It was hard to imagine how the advertising world will change over the years. When major innovations were introduced, it seemed that here it is, an ideal and eternal version of an advertising office, everything is convenient and in its place. The restrictions are strict, but fair, there is no need to break the rules and everything will work. At the same time, a gray advertising market was developing with huge strides, where the advertised goods were at odds with the FB policy. Everything could not continue as before and the rules became stricter.

We need to say thank you for the fact that we now have thousands of individual advertisers, hundreds of small collaborating affiliate groups of affiliates, as well as dozens of large teams that unknowingly changed Facebook beyond recognition. Through their efforts, although they did not understand it, they more and more plunged us into a steep peak, at the end of which we now live. Thanks to the work of the entire CIS advertising market, Facebook has done badly to the whole world. In the end, no one hid from the changes.

While the tuning of new algorithms for combating unscrupulous advertisers was under way, ordinary marketers suffered, their clients did not care about the freaks of a social network headquartered in Silicon Valley. Specialists in gray advertising quickly found a way out of the situation, it was only necessary to buy Facebook accounts with ZRD passed and there was a chance to launch an advertisement. They replaced softregs, although they were more expensive, the price for them, as we will see below, has always been declining.

If this launch method worked more or less, then how to scale your ad? Previously, they simply took a lot of softregs and launched a massive advertising campaign on all of them at once, some were banned, but the rest were enough to make a profit. This situation was repeated for months. But the changes have affected everyone, and softregs fb ZRD passed will now take the place of the softregs. Even if the initial investment is higher, your chances will be better when working with this approach. Therefore, the advantages of using several such accounts at the same time are obvious.

Some issues which may show up working with Reinstated Facebook accounts in bulk

The advantage of reinstated Facebook accounts is not only that the ban on advertising has been passed. And also that they are much more viable as a class. That is, when you buy them, you can be sure that they are all initially valid, because facebook understands that these accounts are at least confirmed by the person who went through the ban. This means that confidence in them is higher, with all the ensuing consequences.

Let's discuss one more of their advantages before moving on to the issues. This is work in conjunction with other reinstated products, such as BM and FP (fun page). If you connect a business manager or a page to your account, you further increase the trust of the entire bundle, so it is beneficial to build such work schemes. The credibility of you is higher, which means that the advertisement works longer, and you earn more. Of course, you need to have knowledge and experience in working with these assets, we recommend that you start your acquaintance with not the most expensive goods.

Well, what about the negative sides, not a single product can do without them ... FB reinstated accounts, of course, are no exception. The point is that a passed ban is not a guarantee of a successful launch of advertising. And there is no guarantee that the new ban will not appear at the most unexpected moment. Some accounts may go through new bans, which will also have to go through, again confirming the account. We have recorded up to three bans that happened with a difference of several days, but they can and should be passed, so you increase trust and your advertising will still work.

Remember that it is not enough just to buy accs with ZRD passed, you need to know how to work with them. There are not many features, but they are. Do not associate them with unreliable accounts, Facebook itself warns us about this, you should not neglect this grain of valuable information. FB does not write anything just like that. If you bind a page, then use the page only with the already passed ban, as we said above, this will be a good help in your further work. The same rules apply with BM.

Those who are used to running ads on a big scale have lost their rhythm today. It seems to us that the innovations were directed just against such players in the advertising market. However, new times give new opportunities, if you are a large advertiser, try buying accounts with passed ZRD accounts in bulk. Imagine them as regular softregs, but somewhat more durable and tenacious than their old counterparts. You know the principles of work, you have all the tools. Why not test a new scheme of work. And how to deal with problems, we told you above.

Accounts with passed ZRD exist from the first day as this new strict ban was introduced. He forced us to leave the realm of the weakest, but the strong survived and evolved. We will not give up as long as there is at least one opportunity to appeal to unblock an account, we will do this and run ads. The market will resolve this issue, and other exotic goods will appear on sale, which no one would have thought about a year ago that someone would need it. We believe we can do everything, colleagues, competitors, or Facebook itself will give us answers to questions that prevent us from working and scaling.

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