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Our main priority is product quality and availability. Based on more than two years of experience in affiliate marketing, we carefully select and test FB accounts for advertising Facebook Ad and Facebook BMs. We also try to maintain a low cost in the accounts market.

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Product In stock Amount Buy
Facebook Fan Pages with NEW DESIGN. Reinstated. Avatar + Without subscribers. Name can be changed. [Read descriprion] 10 18.00 $ / 1 pcs
Facebook Fan Pages with NEW DESIGN. Reinstated. Without subscribers. Name can be changed. Avatar added. [Read descriprion] 87 18.00 $ / 1 pcs
Facebook OLD Fan Pages with subscribers. 20-25 subscribers. 2021 Year or creation. Avatar + cover + 10 posts + all info is completed. [Read descriprion] 57 10.00 $ / 1 pcs
Facebook Fan Pages with NEW DESIGN. Without subscribers. Name can be changed. Avatar + Cover. [Read descriprion] 6 5.50 $ / 1 pcs
Facebook Fan Pages with NEW DESIGN. Without subscribers. Name can be changed. Avatar added. [Read descriprion] 5 3.00 $ / 1 pcs

We increase the efficiency of advertising with the use of Reinstated Fan Pages.

Nothing is permanent in the world, it is changing, developing, and even advertising on Facebook has become different lately. That is, the advertisement itself is not to be done anywhere. Only new places have been added for its placement, and now it is in the most unexpected places. Probably, we only lack advertising from FB in a dream, but I think that we will live to see that!

Facebook account, ads manger and business manager, that's all left, you need all this in order to work with the platform's advertising tools. But there is one more thing, or for the correct object, without which no advertising is possible, we are, of course, talking about the Fan page, on whose behalf the advertisement is shown in the FB feed. Until recently, its use was not regulated and no one appreciated these pages until they lost the opportunity to use them unlimited and uncontrollably.

The market resolved this issue immediately and a new and highly demanded product appeared -  Facebook reinstated fan page. This is the usual Fun page, but only which was first locked and unlocked. This means that it can be used for a long time for any advertisement until it is finally blocked. The ability to specify it from account to account made it the perfect product for the end of 2021. BM are still on sale, although the opportunity to sell them was discovered many years ago.

Why do many, if not all, want to buy a PZRD FP? It's all about flexibility and the ability to continue to share the rights to use this page. That is, you can buy it once, this pleasure is not cheap, but we earn money here, don't we, so we buy it! A fan page is so expensive, if not very profitable.

How to avoid problems when working with PZRD FP?

Care must be taken when working with any facebook tool and not recorded limits. So on accounts, no more than 1-2 advertising campaigns are better. We all know this, and we have been working observing these rules for years. But what features are there in working with facebook pzrd fp? She always keeps the account that she manages as an administrator at hand. To keep your ad from being idle, you need to publish it promptly at any time.

Further, when sharing FP to your other accounts, observe the rule of up to 10-15 accounts per 1 page, otherwise if it is blocked, then you will have an exciting activity associated with restarting and changing pages on all accounts, and I can half of your accounts will not survive these manipulations. Therefore, it is better to do everything reliably and comply with the limits.

But if you take an account just as quickly unblocked and link such a page to it, won't it be a reinforced concrete link where you can run ads for a long time and no problem. There are two answers here, yes and no. First, you will really spin longer. In the end, you still have to change your account and page and everything else. Here, to warn beginners, the temptation is great to buy fp pzrd with the hope that you will not be blocked thanks to it. This is not true. You can not only not unscrew a lot of advertising, and even not launch it at all, if you do not know what you are doing. Therefore, if you are a beginner, enlist the support of your older comrades who can advise you if something happens.

What can be summed up ... Such objects inside facebook as Fan pages, BM and pixels will continue to be sold, they have already occupied their niche in this dynamically changing market. I think no one will be surprised if soon it will be possible to buy a friend on FB, pay a "penny" and a friend is added to you, and another one and another. Isn't it an increase in trust? You need to use these tools wisely, it is not recommended to buy everything fat and prepared itself and try to drain it into a plus. You need to be able to buy consumables as well. We recommend sticking to your basic launch style, but testing and enriching your arsenal with things like an FP pzrd account or BM Verified. This can give a good boost to your profit and will not undermine your budget.

Let's develop together an understanding of which chips and aspects of work help and are the most significant, so together we can advance in knowledge and launch ads more efficiently, without blocking and without breaking limits. Ask questions from us in support and offer your ideas, and we, in turn, will check them, select only effective and working ones and write the next article with new and useful information. Only together can we stay afloat in this turbulent ocean called facebook.

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