Buy [USD] [AUTOMATIC PAY] TikTok PVA Ads account. USA. PAY PAL Enabled. Without VAT. Manual reg + used residental USA ip + mail included + cookie + user-agent. [READ DESCRIPTION]

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Country: USA 

Registration method: Web version. Manual reg. Residental USA ip.

finger prints: Windows

Payment type: AUTOMATIC PAY

Account currency: USD WITHOUT VAT

Open countries: Австралия (AU) Египет (EG)  Корея (КР) Кувейт (КВТ) Новая Зеландия (NZ)  Катар (QA)  Саудовская Аравия (SA) Турция (TR) ОАЭ (AE)

Few tips for working with accounts:

- You need to log into each account using a new profile in Anti-detect browser (log in here - , also must using high-quality resident proxies from the geo account. DO NOT LOGIN WITH VPN!

- Before start main advertising, it is better to run a warm-up campaign with a low budget.

- Always use only a new, clean card from the country of the account, or pay pal. If you get a ban after linking the card, you need to change your BIN, bans can also be due to a proxy.

- Remember that 100% of accounts will never launch. If 3 out of 5 accounts start successfully, this is normal. If less, something needs to be changed.

Warranty policy for this product:

Warranty (replacement) is provided only if the account is blocked before purchase. This can be checked by mail or in the account itself by notifications.

If you are logged into your account and it is blocked (Check the block time by mail and notifications), in this case there is no replacement. The most common reason for blocking is not high-quality proxies. Use mobile or residential proxies of their geo account.

If the blocking occurred after the card was linked or the advertisement was launched, in this case a replacement is also not provided.

Time to check the account before the end of the day.

Format:mail:pass mail:pass tiktok ads