Buy [50$] PVA Selfreg Facebook Romania. Auto-Farmed for 12 days. 2FA + 4 FP + Mail + Profile picture + Token + Cookies + User-Agent.

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Facebook accounts Romania. Created via emulator, confirmed by SMS during creation. Also confirmed by mail, which is included. Created 4 FPs. The account was extensively prepared by software + hands for 12 days. Romanian language.

Account farming steps.

- Accounts were created manually more than 15-20 days ago. Registration was carried out through a prepared Android emulator and high quality mobile proxies from Romania. Registration was done by confirming a phone number belonging to the European Union.

- After a short stay, deep preparation of accounts began through live user activity, which lasted at least 12 days and included at least 12 farming sessions. At the same time, the duration of active farming sessions corresponded to the average time spent by a typical new facebook user.

- The first stages of preparing an account included such actions as filling out a profile, linking mail, and initial interactions with content.

- Training was carried out in various areas of activity. Starting with scrolling and liking in the early days, and ending with adding friends and warming up fan pages in the sharing days. The main actions performed in the process of working on an account: Like, post, follow, comment, repost. As well as downloading / reloading photos, scrolling, watching videos and other actions. Correspondence with other users of the social network is carried out starting from 2-3 days of farming.

- Approximately in the middle of preparation or a little later, 4 Fan pages are gradually created on the account. Each of them is separately heated and prepared, which includes filling, posting, as well as cheating likes from other accounts.

- A separate and very important stage of preparation is user activity on sites, resources and services outside of facebook. There were several sessions of logins, activity and registrations on third-party resources. Account cookies will not include cookies from third party sites.

- With preparation and activity, the account acquires friends and subscribers, which are added throughout all stages of farming. The account eventually has at least 80 friends(MAY LESS).

- On the last day of preparation, all the advertising tools of the account are checked again, and the token and cookies are also retrieved.

Thus, over a 12-day period, we get an account that is practically indistinguishable from a real account, focused on advertising and having a fairly high activity. Created and prepared 4 fan pages. There are ads in the feed, as well as about 15 account interests. Ads manager was not logged in.

Check your accounts before first logging in. The working state of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or by checker

After logging into your account, no changes are made. All accounts are verified in this way before listing for sale!

- Registration manually via the emulator;

- Proxy IP Romania;

- Added avatar;

- Registration to a phone number (not included);

-mail is included;

- Date of birth included;

- Link to FB profile;

- Token;

- Cookie;

- User-agent;

Format: link|name|login|pass|mail|mailpass|2fa secret|data|cookies|useragent