Buy [50$] PVA Selfreg Facebook from Germany. Reinstated. Selfie passed. Create via SMS. 2FA + FP + Mail + Avatar + Token + Cookies + User-Agent

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Accounts are registered manually on mobile proxy ip DE (Frankfurt am Main/Berlin) via web. Registration is done via SMS. Passed ZRD and SELFIE. Language Deutsch, both for manual launch and for dolphin (there is a token). Limit 25-50$. Suitable for first billng.

Account preparation steps:

- Registration through DE web and mobile proxies. Numbers work from MIX GEO. Number after verification from the account.

- Immediately after registration, a selfie checkpoint pass is performed, if it occurs. Daily follow-up will be performed.

- Accounts then use basic content, including avatars and covers, as well as coverage of information about themselves.

- Approximately on the 4-5th day, the initiation of his ban on advertising activities increases with the subsequent removal.

The next step is to create FP, as well as organize a little activity in accounts, which includes several subscriptions to communities, basic scrolling and liking.

Accounts passed the ZRD, and also done basic activity with the created FP and the accepted of a policy, ads country is the DE, the currency is Euro. ON accounts can be 1-2BM. Included is a screenshot of a repeating passed ZRD

Two-factor authentication enabled. The set contains 2 2FA codes. There is a key to get new codes via 

Recommendations: It is recommended that you log into your account and scroll for a few minutes before linking to auto-start systems.

Check your accounts before first logging in. The working state of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or by checker

After logging into your account, no changes are made. All accounts are verified in this way before listing for sale!

- ZRD account passed;

- Selfie checkpoint passed;

- Login (aka phone number) from which registration took place (SMS +)

-  Password

-  Birthday

- Link to Facebook profile

- User Agent

- Authentificator token

- 2 recovery codes

- Token EAAB

- Cookies

Format: Login;password|Country|Birthday|ID|UserAgent|EABB Token|Mail;password|Cooсkie JSON|2 FA|Screenshot of the green tablet.