Buy [50$] Softregs Facebook SMS+. Georgia. Reinstated. Auto farmed up to 5 days. Friends + FP + 2BM + 2FA + Profile picture + Token EAAB + Cookies + User-Agent

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Accounts were created through the Android emulator using Ukrainian mobile proxies. Accounts were prepared within 4-5 days. The language of the accounts is Russian, the names are in Cyrillic, the gender is female. Created BM and FP. You can rummage on BM.

Account preparation steps.

- Accounts are created on pre-prepared profiles of android devices. Ip for registration are used from Georgia. Including the account is confirmed to the Georgiaт number during registration. After creation, the accounts are transferred to Antique for further preparation.

- At the first stage, preparation includes filling out a profile and adding a photo. An acquaintance with advertising tools is immediately made in order to orient the profile for further work with advertising activities.

- The first floor also includes the initiation of a ban on advertising activities with its subsequent passage and the creation of BM. In addition, mail and 2FA are attached

- Then work begins on simulating real user activity, which includes liking, commenting, reposting, adding friends based on the farming period, friends are not added much, up to 15. Accounts are not refarmed. A second BM is being created.

- Preparation continues by increasing activity on accounts, which includes correspondence with other users of the social network, scrolling, reposting, commenting, and other interactions with facebook content.

- An important stage of preparation is activity outside of facebook, aimed at strengthening the status of a live user. Activity is organized on various resources (usually 4-6), sites and services that exchange information with facebook. Activity includes not only visiting them, but also registering with purchases. This allows you to even better secure interests for accounts.

- Preparation ends with the creation of NEW FP. The page after creation undergoes its own preparation. Filling is done, as well as reposts.

- At the final stage, all the advertising tools of the accounts are checked again, the token and cookies are retrieved.

Basic preparation has been completed on the accounts, it is suitable both for further additional farming and for launching advertising. Docs included. The total age of accounts is up to 10 days.

Check your accounts right after buying! The working state of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or by checker After logging into your account, no changes are made. All accounts are verified in this way before listing for sale!

Two-factor authentication enabled on accounts. Every account includes 10 2FA codes.


- The account is registered via SMS, on OS Windows;

- Registration to a phone number (not included);

- Token EAAB

- Cookies

- User-Agent

FORMAT: login|password|name|surname|URL|birthday|token|user-agent|cookies|2FA коды