Buy [50$] PVA Softreg Facebook Poland Account. Reinstated. Created via SMS. NEW FP + 2FA + Profile picture + Token + Mail + Cookies + User-Agent

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Accounts are registered manually from mobile proxies from PL via mobile phone via FB application. Avatar uploaded, user agent cookie token extracted. Mail included, registration is done via SMS. All actions with accounts were performed with a PL proxy. 

Accounts are suitable for both manual launch and autoloads (there is a token). Limit 25-50$. Suitable for primeval.

Accounts have been banned from advertising by sending documents. After that, a small retreat was made.

Two-factor authentication enabled. There are 2FA codes included. There is a key to get new codes via

General recommendations for working with accounts: Before working with autoloads, it is recommended to log in to accounts through antique and spend at least a few minutes logged into the FB interface, scrolling, and setting cookies in groups or the news feed.

Check your accounts before first login. The working status of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or checker

After logging into your account, no replacements are made. All accounts are checked in this way before being put up for sale!

- ZRD account passed;

- Login (aka phone number) from which registration took place (SMS+)

-  Password

-  Birthday

- Link to Facebook profile

- User agent

- Authenticator

- Token EAAB

- Cookies

Format: ФИО, логин, пароль, почта, пароль от почты, дата рождения, id аккаунта,юзер агент, EAAB, куки, 2fa