Buy [250$] Facebook Business Manager. BM5 250. Created on 2018-2024 year. Ads manager have 250 limit. Can spend 250$ sinsce first day! Can create 4 ads after enter in BM.

In stock 19 pcs 42.00 $


- You must enter in BM and check limit immediately after purchase.
- You must delete all admins from BM.
- All new Ads managers will be with 250$ limit.

Facebook business manager with 250$ daily limit. You can create 4 ads after enter in BM. Ads manager have daily spend limit is 250$(Can spend 250$ since first day). Ad account may no be created in BM. Country and currency may not be change. You can create new ad acconts with any timezone and currency.

Warranty for BM (Replacement):

- In case with access problems.

- In case BM is already banned at the entrance.

- In case if bm have limit 50$.

- In case if limit will drop down after card adding or within  24h after ad start.

No Warranty (No Replacement):

- If BM get banned after any action in the BM. Card adding, sending an appeal, launching ads, etc. If limit drop down too, no replacement avaliable in this case.

- If can't share pixel or can't create new ads managers. In this case you should keep spending.

- If BM or ads manger is banned due to inactivity the next day (Guarantee until the end of the day).

- If you get error with card adding, or FB cannot hold funds when card adding. You need to try again, or use a different card.

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