Buy [50$] PVA Softreg Facebook Portugal Account. Can recieve SMS. 50-100 friends. 5-10 Ad interests + NEW FP + BM + Profile picture + Token + Mail + Cookies + User-Agent

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Portuguese accounts were created manually via the web. We used high-quality mobile proxies from Portugal. Female gender. The accounts were thoroughly trained by simulating activity. It is possible to receive SMS. Cabinet country is Portugal, currency is Euro. The total age of accounts is from 30 days.

Stages of account preparation:

- Accounts are created using a prepared profile in Antidetect. Only high-quality Portuguese mobile proxies are used, from which all further work is also carried out. For registration, a real SIM card from Portugal is used, which can later be used to receive SMS in case of blocking

- At the first stage, the account is filled with initial filling characteristic of a new user. An avatar and cover image, 3-5 photos are loaded, information about yourself is filled in, 2FA is activated, etc.

- Preparation of accounts involves organizing deep user activity that affects all aspects of interaction with Facebook. This includes: a complete simulation of user activity: Posting, liking, scrolling, following, commenting, reposting, etc. About 20 farming sessions were completed on a daily basis, which allows for a period of 20-30 days to carefully prepare the account without overfarming it.

- In addition to interacting with the content, correspondence was carried out with real users. Friends were added, of which there are about 50-100 people on accounts.

- An important step in assigning a portrait of a real user to an account is interaction with the marketplace inside Facebook. The very presence of a market list and advertising in the feed indicates a high degree of trust in the accounts.

- Creation of NEW FP in English is carried out in a separate stage and further focuses accounts on advertising activities. FP goes through its own stages of preparation, including complete filling, as well as placement of posts in an amount of at least 5 pieces. Blue Print courses completed. Friends are invited to the Pages. The creation of a BM is performed at the same stage.

- To generate advertising interests, extensive activity is organized on the account inside and outside of Facebook. Advertising clicks, leaving leads and generating orders were carried out in the second part of the preparation. And activity outside of Facebook, with visits to various sites, portals and services, was done on an ongoing basis. Throughout the preparation, 50-100 actions were made.

- On the last day of preparation, all advertising tools of the accounts are checked again, tokens and cookies containing cookies from all third-party sites are extracted.

Thus, the result of the work was extremely active, prepared accounts, referral to work with advertising or further independent preparation. There are interests assigned to the account, at least 10, 50-100 friends, as well as the ability to receive SMS to the linked number. The total age of accounts is up to 1 month. Docks included.

As a result of the preparation, we obtained accounts that were completely ready for advertising, suitable for both further development and immediate launch. Accounts are eligible for first bill. Cabinet country is Portugal, currency is Euro. The total age of accounts is from 30 days.

Check your accounts before first login. The working status of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or checker

After logging into your account, no replacements are made. All accounts are checked in this way before being put up for sale!

Format: login FB;pass FB:linkfb;Token;UserAGent;cookie:2fa