Buy [50$] PVA Softreg Facebook Italien Account. Created via SMS. 0-10 friends. 5-10 Ad interests + Profile picture + Token + Mail + Cookies + User-Agent

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Italien accounts were created manually via the web. We used high-quality mobile proxies from Italy. Gender Female. On the accounts, basic training was carried out aimed at the formation of advertising interests within 5-7 days. Mail included.

Account preparation steps:

- Before creating the account, the profile was prepared by going to different sites for the purpose of forcing cookies.

- Accounts were created through an anti-detect browser using a Italien phone number, start preparing accounts immediately after creation. All the basic information is filled in on the accounts, including information "About me" and the necessary photos are also uploaded.

- The main direction of pharming was the formation of facebook advertising interests. For this, actions were taken related to the search for certain information in the social network within the framework of certain topics. In addition, following and selective liking of several communities was performed to strengthen the portrait of the account's preferences.

- Also, to secure the interests of the account, external farming was undertaken, which was associated with visiting third-party resources throughout the entire time of preparation, in selected directions, which in turn helped to form and consolidate new interests. As a result, the accounts have from 5 to 10 entrenched advertising interests.

- To orient accounts for further advertising activities Blue Print courses were completed.

- On the last day of preparation, all the advertising tools of the accounts were checked again, the facebook cookies were extracted, as well as the token.

As a result of the preparation, we got accounts that are completely ready for advertising, suitable both for further additional farming and for immediate launch. Accounts are suitable for pervobil. Cabinet country Italy, currency Euro. The total age of accounts is up to 10 days.

General recommendations for working with accounts: Before working with autoloads, it is recommended to log in to accounts through antique and spend at least a few minutes logged into the FB interface, scrolling, and setting cookies in groups or the news feed.

Check your accounts before first login. The working status of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or checker

After logging into your account, no replacements are made. All accounts are checked in this way before being put up for sale!

Format: login FB;pass FB:linkfb;Token;UserAGent;cookie:2fa