Buy Yandex account. For advertising in Yandex.Direct. Age from 2 weeks. Moderation passed. Ready to run ads. ip Russia. Profile completed. The number is deleted.

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Yandex accounts. Created with confirmation by SMS on Russian ip addresses. Age from 2 weeks, the number is deleted.

Accounts are prepared to work in the Yandex advertising network. The Yandex.Direct profile is completely filled out (Including full name, profile picture, phone number that was unlinked). Moderation passed. You can run your ads.

The account is fully working, without blocking. Can be used for any purpose.

It is necessary to log in through an antidetect browser and high-quality Russian proxies. To enter, you are provided with a username, password, and the answer to a security question. Cook is not included.

You must log into your account immediately after purchase and verify it. Also you must to change all login info! Guarantee on accounts until the end of the day!

Format:   login|pass|answer