Buy [50$] Selfreg PVA Facebook Ukraine Account. Reinstated. Registered via SMS. Warmed up for 20 days. 2FA + FP + Avatar + Mail + Token + Cookies + User-Agent

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Accounts are created via the emulator on a UA proxy. Registration was made by SMS. Profile female. Accounts farmed for 20 days.  Acocunts may have banned BM its not a reason for replacement.

Check your accounts before first login. The working status of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or checker

After logging into your account, no replacements are made. All accounts are checked in this way before being put up for sale!

Two-factor authentication enabled. There are 2FA codes included. There is a key to get new codes via


- Ava, the cover is upload. Hobbies + 0-10 posts. Cyrillic names.

- NEW FP + ava + cover

- up to 10 farming sessions. External farm up to 30 sites. Friends 0-10

- Likes, comments, interests 0-10.

- Token, Cookie FB

Format: Ссылка|Имя|Login FB|Pass FB|Login Mail|Pass Mail|Гео|Data|ID FB|Cookie|Token|User-Agent|