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Our main priority is product quality and availability. Based on more than two years of experience in affiliate marketing, we carefully select and test FB accounts for advertising Facebook Ad and Facebook BMs. We also try to maintain a low cost in the accounts market.

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[50$] Selfreg PVA Facebook Ukraine Account. Registered via SMS. Card already added. Card is closed. Mail + 2FA + Token + Cookies + User-Agent 8 3.75 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] Selfreg PVA Facebook Ukraine Account. Registered via SMS. Card added in ads manager. Card is closed. Mail + 2FA + Token + Cookies + User-Agent 1 4.10 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] Selfreg PVA Facebook Ukraine Account. Registered via SMS. PRO MODE Enabled. Selfie passed. Friends + FP + Token + Cookies + User-Agent 65 0.95 $ / 1 pcs

These are the advantages of Facebook selfregs from Ukraine over other accounts.

In this article, we will recall a little the terminology of accounts, as well as try to answer the question: selfregs  are still better, and if this is really so, then how much. And is this difference worth your attention, and most importantly, is there any point in overpaying for such a product. Let us examine the arguments of many parties that have been circulating in arbitration circles for several years. And we will try to weigh the pros and cons of the accounts registered by hand.

But first, let's talk about the rationale behind the pricing of these Facebook ad accounts. No one argues that human efforts should be duly paid for, and there is a lot of effort involved. This is obvious to everyone who has ever created a new Facebook profile, but now imagine that you are like a robot and your job is to understand these same actions over and over again and there is no end to it. Their creators say that a soul is embedded in them, and they perceive each blockage as a micro-loss of their creation. In short, selfregs  will always cost more than softregs.

The main argument of the supporters of working on these accounts is greater trust in them, or, as they themselves call them, trust Facebook accounts. Does it make much sense, let's think about it. Well, the fact that each time slightly different actions are performed is a definite plus. However, there is a problem here. One employee can do his job better than another, I don't know how, but the registration styles of all employees will be different. This may result in some accounts in one pack being banned, while the other will work normally and the reasons will be very incomprehensible. We have not yet encountered this, and did not notice the difference in quality within the same pack. But still, in theory, this is possible. In that case, we all give them a trust point.

The next moment, which is possible only on selfregs accounts, is adding friends, but not as you thought that the script would simply add everyone and everything. FB most likely understands that the account was created automatically, but does not ban it until he seriously violated its rules. And launching ads, by the way, is not a violation of the rules. This is just a hypothesis, but it certainly makes sense. The person who creates accounts can selectively add friends or selectively perform any manipulations on the account, which at that moment seem correct to him. It's hard to explain, but try to imagine yourself like this for a few minutes, and you will understand what I mean. In general, if you need to buy a Facebook account with friends, these accounts are your choice.

Selfregs can also be with FP and with additional photos in the profile. Autoregs cannot boast of this, or their price will increase prohibitively, so no one is doing this for them, the only way to increase the trust of an account for free is to keep it for some time, we have already discussed this issue in one of the previous articles, and here we see no reason to return to this. Accs with bedding still beckon the buyer in stores, and even though they are more expensive, their popularity will probably never pass. That's just, their fans are often unaware that simple accounts are launched as well. Just shhh ... don't tell them.

How to use Ukrainian selfregs in the most effective way.

A seemingly logical answer suggests itself, how to use them with maximum exhaust, since this is something like bad-warmed up, you need to warm them up and turn them into farm accounts. This approach takes place, but as we said in one of the previous articles, everyone should do their own thing, if you are not a farmer, then you do not need it. Your task is to effectively launch ads, not come up with strategies for getting out of the ban in the process of preparing the account for work. Therefore, we advise you to use them as they are, but if you need to buy a cheap Facebook account directly, then this is not your option at all.

Autoreg fans and admirers have probably already closed this article, because they usually hate spending a lot of money on accounts that work the same. And here you can agree with them. For an hour, cheap accounts work the same way as expensive counterparts, and accounts without maintenance work the same way as their two-week-old ones. But let's not forget that we still have a Facebook account with a token, so you can test them in auto-uploads, taking into account all the above advantages. Do not miss the chance to pay a penny to earn a ruble. Exaggerated.

Let's not forget about the newbies. After all, those who come to the topic of smm as a hobby should not be left to the mercy of fate by account sellers, where, in order to buy a good account, you are offered a warmed up acc when you have not done anything yet, but have already paid a couple of tens of dollars for the account. It should be noted here that warmed up accounts are great for their purposes for which they were created, and for beginners they simply do not need to start. Due to the number of mistakes they make in the work at the beginning, here is the account of Zuckerberg himself will not stand up and will go for a selfie. The main thing for them is to buy active Facebook accounts, and for this price you can experiment a lot with them in the launch or further preparation.

A few more words for beginners, which we will never tire of repeating, reading about this in almost every our article, than grieving over the lock screen. Since the accounts are Ukrainian, you must pay for advertising with a Ukrainian card. In addition, when the account was registered, its creators entered Facebook from the Ukrainian IP address. And you need to do exactly the same. Buy a proxy from your geo account, and you will never have any problems. You need to acquire such consumables almost before you are going to buy a Facebook account.

So what are the disadvantages of selfregs compared to softregs? There is! Of course there is. This is their availability. The reason is very simple, they are people, they are both an advantage in this scheme and a disadvantage. People are needed for production, and they are always in short supply, so the shelves in stores do not burst with such accounts. They are often not there, and you have to take others. Buyers are not stupid for the most part and prefer to overpay 10% in order to get even a little better, but all such better accounts. Here I would advise you to buy such accounts if you see them in stock. Do not confuse it with the advice to buy in reserve, this is absolutely impossible to do, otherwise you can be left without money and without accounts. How much we and many stores would like to give a weekly warranty on goods. But this business is not predictable, so always buy the quantity that you can use immediately. Follow these simple rules, test, think with your own head, and we will meet you in the VIP zone at some nearest conference!

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