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How to work correctly and avoid mistakes on Russian facebook softregs

Do you remember the news about the launch of Facebook, the news about how it reached its first million users. For most of us, it has always existed, although it appeared relatively recently, in 2004. What were you doing that year? In any case, it was still a very, very long time before the first advertisement was placed. Many who started their careers in the advertising business back in 2012 complain that they did not start it earlier in 2008. How much profit has been lost since then is history. But back to reality! Facebook has changed in the most radical way, everything has changed, from the interface to the mechanism for checking the images that you upload to the fb in the feed or ad account, we will talk about this in this article, as well as about how it changed the entire advertising world in the last year. Please be patient, we are starting ...

Many have made separate attempts to work with different ad networks. What you can make money on advertising partner goods in Russia knew even before the appearance of Facebook. However, this direction was so narrow that very few knew about it, and even fewer people worked there. What exactly prompted the younger generation to go into advertising, we will not discuss within the framework of this article. Let's just say that interests were divided into FB, VK and teasers. And fb stood out here very favorably, it was possible to buy Facebook accounts, although with difficulty, it was possible, it was possible to launch ads in any country, and the relative simplicity of all settings was also an indisputable advantage. Thus, people reached out to Facebook in order to earn money. While he was actively growing his audience around the world, and with it his value as an advertising platform.

Having decided on the place of work, the search for approaches to the development of promotional materials, optimization of work began, a lot of efforts were put into working simultaneously on several accounts and go unnoticed. By the way, this is one of the key rules of work. Stay incognito for Facebook, because it is forbidden to create more and more new profiles. This is how the softregs accounts appeared, or those that were created without human participation. Their purpose was only one, as a consumable, launched and thrown away. And so that you are not calculated, anti-detect browsers were invented, or simply antiques. They helped to hide your real processor, video card, drivers and other PC parameters.

Along with this, the requirements for advertising began to be tightened, due to the fact that completely honest advertisers tried to promote prohibited goods, which led to blocking from accounts and more and more angered the management of the social network. As a result, this has resulted in unprecedented prohibitive measures. Only the most stubborn and resourceful specialists could break through. And everyone else was left with miserable crumbs in the form of several running accounts, forgive the hundreds that were blocked even before the start of advertising. Before it was unprofitable and profitable to buy Facebook softregs, but with current problems, many began to launch less and more accurately, otherwise the cash gap was already a hole in the budget.

The work became so hard that not everyone could stand it and left the FB in favor of other sites. But those who stayed hardened and switched to a new mode of operation. This required FB accounts with a token, which were no longer manually started. Some of our colleagues, who quit arbitration, took the path of developing services and rolled out an automated ad upload system, or just auto upload. With its help, it was easy to replace 10 specialists launching accounts with one person, who coped with the same job faster and more efficiently than they did. But the cost of a mistake was very high here, since there were at once a hundred accounts at stake, which could be lost in an instant. We will talk about how to avoid this and other mistakes further.

The main mistakes when launching ads on softregs.

Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken. And sometimes, there is a feeling that people, guided by these very rules, go to great lengths in Facebook advertising. They take a very large number of Facebook softregs and try to run all of them at once on the same consumables, in the hope that at least something will start, and they will get a profit. But, however, the reality is that preparation is now more important than the launch itself and this is the main mistake, or rather a flaw in the strategy for many not only beginners, but also entire teams. Using the same cards, domains, proxies or creos for at least two accounts is a gross mistake. Better run less if your consumables aren't enough.

Despite the fact that Russia has a very strong arbitration community, we also have enough incompetent specialists. It would be a mistake to entrust the testing of any approaches, bundles or accounts to one person, it should always be teamwork. It doesn't matter who you are, the team owner or the tester himself, you need coworking like air, otherwise you will come to the wrong result. This also applies to purchases, it is important to buy Facebook accounts for advertising not in one place, but in different ones, and check your working launch schemes on them. There are cases when one scheme for a cut refused to work on accounts from one store, but gave an impressive profit, one had only to try another store.

We cannot sanctify every possible mistake people make while working in advertising in this article. Therefore, we will discuss only two more. And one of them is a geo account. Let's figure it out. We live in Russia, and we can buy softregs fb from any country. But this will be a mistake, always buy accounts from the same country in which you live, so you will cause less suspicion when launching ads. Then if you use Russian payment methods for the British account, and you will run ads in Colombia, for example. Obviously stupid, isn't it, but many do not see anything wrong with this. Do not do like this.

Finally, in this article, but far from the last time, I propose to talk about testing. This is one of the most important ingredients of being successful on Facebook. After all, the conversion of your landing pages can differ at times, your task is to find out which of them is the most successful for a particular geo and launch it into advertising. Where is the mistake here, but where! You can't use what the affiliate program gives you unchanged, it just won't work. You need to think about how to increase the conversion rates of the landing page, since many ways have been invented for this, but this is already a topic for a separate article. Change first and test later, this is the basic rule for working with landing pages. You don't want to burn hundreds of dollars and end up finding out that none of the options will work properly. There may be new landing pages in affiliate programs, so ask the manager about it, the manager is generally your best friend! He is just as interested in the effective drain as you are, many even foreign companies try to support Russian users in their native language, so do not hesitate to ask questions.

These are probably all the rules and mistakes that we wanted to talk about today, I'm sure you yourself knew a lot of what I wrote. But we know for sure that this information is valuable, and therefore we do not get tired of talking about it. No one minds saving a couple of hundred dollars or losing accounts in an unsuccessful test, our task is precisely this, to warn and guide. If everyone adheres to this credo, then our community will become more open, friendly and attentive. From which we all will undoubtedly benefit.

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