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[50$] Selfreg Facebook Russia account. Friends 0-10. Inst added. BM + Profile picture + Mail + Token EAAB + Cookies + User-Agent 0 1.70 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] SelfregPVA Facebook Account. With BM. 4-week prepare. No instagram. Profile picture + Fun Page + Mail + Token + Cookies + User-Agent [Read descroption] 0 4.00 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] SelfregPVA Facebook Account. With BM. 4-week prepare. Profile picture + Fun Page + Mail + Token + Cookies + User-Agent [Read descroption] 0 5.16 $ / 1 pcs

What you need to know to work properly on Russian facebook selfregs.

At first glance, the question arises, what else can be said here, because everything seems to be already known, and it is clear that you need to work through anti-detects and proxies, be careful and not provoke Facebook unnecessarily. Yes, this is all true, but there is something that is also important, but on the Internet, we come across pieces of this information very rarely or never at all. Today we will talk about the nuances and tricks in working with Russian manually created accounts, by the way, this is the definition of selfregs.

Let's agree at the very beginning that we will not talk about the chips and secrets of the launch today, because this information changes, if not daily, then weekly exactly. And everything we say here will be irrelevant in a month. Therefore, if you were waiting here for some kind of launch revelations, then they will not be. But wait, close the tab, you can buy Facebook accounts later. Read the article, we have prepared interesting things further.

How do you add purchased accounts to your browser, this is a trivial question, isn't it? Create a profile, specify settings and other parameters, and click create. It's simple. But your browser probably has a bulk creation mode, where all settings are specified in batches and by pressing one button you will create at least 100 profiles. Is not that great! Find out how to do this in your browser, you can combine the format of the purchased accounts with the download format in the anti-detect and immediately add them to the browser with all the necessary settings and even with cookies! But here is the only thing that you need to buy a Facebook account is not one, but at least 5-10. Try it just once and you can't refuse!

Well, how can you add accounts to work without checking them. You have no idea how many people ignore this simple step and only then prefer to rake banned accounts after they have logged into them. And they just had to check them before starting work. It is convenient from all points of view, not only from the point of view that you do not need to sort through the profiles in antiquity, where are blocked and were not. But it is also trite it is convenient for the store where you buy, they will give you a replacement faster if you contact us a minute after the purchase. After all, it is impossible to buy an account FB for advertising, go into it and mischief there so much that it was blocked right away and in a couple of minutes. The support of the store will be more willing to believe you if you write in 5 minutes, and not after 5 hours. This is the simplest life hack that makes the job extremely easy and has nothing to do with advertising launch at all.

Allow a minute of self-promotion, we have developed a checker that incorporates the maximum of convenient features for people who work with accounts, and for those who work with many of them, it is simply irreplaceable! He finds in full access from accounts ID and immediately checks them for a ban on Facebook. If you are worried that there are duplicates in your list, he will find them and show you. Well, if you want to check the accounts, take Facebook with a token for restrictions, you can buy them almost everywhere. An important detail here, you must definitely use a proxy. This is written on the main checker. He simply cannot work without them.

The checker is not authorized in accounts and does not perform any actions there. He makes one secure API request and, by response, understands whether there is a lock on the trigger or not. We recommend not to use one ip address to check more than 2-3 accounts in a row. This can lead to negative consequences. You can check accounts only by their ID or only by their token. There are a lot of possibilities for use. You can find a link to it at the top of the Russian-language version of the site.

Several reasons why you need to work on selfregs Facebook from Russia.

Disputes about whether to leave accounts for a while to lie idle will probably never subside. Most likely, there is no correct answer here. But, however, we believe that it is necessary to start working in the first pairs on accounts that were not created yesterday. That is why we recommend that all beginners, and not only them, buy an FB account with a stay or several. Add it, as we said above, using the batch method in the antique and run it. Along the way, evaluating all possible nuances that could affect him negatively.

When we see specialists from colleagues from the SMM sphere, we often do not treat them as equals. We believe that they are not competent enough and inexperienced in our field, where there are trackers, cloaca, bugs and other things that are usually not used for clients in targeted advertising. However, we believe that it is wrong to treat them with disdain. They have enough knowledge and experience to plug many of us in the belt, and they gradually master our cuisine with all the variety of local tools. We always easily recognize them when they write: I need to buy a Facebook account for a targeting advertising. We advise and share chips with everyone, if you have specific questions, then ask us in support, we are always open.

The main reason why many people choose selfregs, among these people, by the way, more and more of our marketing colleagues, because they were also not spared by the wave of bans with their client activities. selfregs differ from the portrait of the autoregs. What does it mean? Facebook collects big date, this is a huge array of information about everything that comes to the social network. Among other things, there is also information about the newly created accounts. So, in digital form, accounts registered with an automatic method are like two peas in a pod. In FB, they can say with a very high probability which account is real and which is not. The neural network provides this information based on the big date. But accounts are not immediately blocked, I talked about this in the last article. If you look at the registration from this angle, which accounts will have a lower percentage of robotics? I think the answer is obvious here. We have not heard anyone speak and register in this vein, either on the Internet or at conferences. When you need to buy a Facebook account, you are free to choose from a bunch of options, and here it is no longer clear where the robotics rate will be higher or lower. Although we have deduced this logical argument, we are testing all possible accounts that we come across. Therefore, the conclusion will be, as always, disappointing. True, as always, somewhere in between.

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