Buy [250$] Verified Facebook USA Business Manager. REINSTATED. Warranty for verification 5 days. Whatsapp API, Apps will work. Ad account created.

In stock 1 pcs 70.00 $


REINSTATED  and Verified BM with dayily spend limit 250$, ad account limit is 50$, which can increase after some spend. After some spend you can create more ads managers. BM was verified via real USA company documents and will work with whatsapp API, applications and other thing which required BM verification. HTTPS site was used for verification. 

You can make a preoder for this kind of BM. Please contact with our support -

- BM limit - $250 per day. Ad account limit is 50$ per day.
- Verified in USA GEO

Warranty for product (Replacement of goods):

- In case there are problems with access.

- In case BM was banned before purchase.

- In case BM is not reinstated.

- If BM is not verified or verification was revoked before purchase.

- If verification was revoked within 5 days afrer purchase.

No Warranty (No Replacement):

- If BM are banned after any action. Logging in, bind API, adding an APP, linking a card, sending documents, launching ads, etc.

- If the BM is banned due to inactivity the next day (Guarantee until the end of the day). No claims are accepted in this case.

- If the pixel is not sharing or new ads mangers are not created or added. In this case, you need to keep spending.

- If you get error with card adding, or FB cannot hold funds when card adding. You need to try again, or use a different card.

- If after bind API, adding an APP or any actions facebook require any documents confirmation. Documents or replacement are not provided.

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