Buy [250$] Facebook Business Manager. 2 Invitation links. Verified by E-Mail.

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BM limit - $250. Ads manger limit - 50 (rarely 250) 1-2 administrator links. Mail MAY NOT BE CONFIRMED. you can add your email

Advertising cabinets in BM are not created. After logging in, you must remove all admins from the BM except yourself.

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An overview of the benefits of high-limit BM.

Facebook business manager is the main tool for working with advertising on this social network. Its main difference from the personal ads manager, which is available on any account, is the extended functionality for professional advertisers. At the same time, it can be controlled from several accounts at the same time, it does not have a rigid binding to any of them, which is why it is so convenient! You simply accept the invitation to manage bm facebook on any of your profiles and immediately see all your ad campaigns, fan pages and other information in bm facebook.

On the Internet, often, you can just buy a Facebook business manager and start displaying your advertising in it, if necessary, attracting partners or connecting your other pages in social networks. This is more convenient than trying to create it, largely due to the fact that at the beginning you will most likely have a limit of only $ 50 on it, and by buying it from us, you will immediately receive a Facebook bm of $ 250.

How to link BM to your account.

Please note that there is no social account included. You purchase a facebook business manager as an invitation. After the purchase, two invitation links are available to you, by clicking on one of them, you become the administrator of the Facebook business account. You can use the second link on your second profile or share it with a friend, because that's what they were created for! And also you can create unlimited number of new invitation links and use them at your discretion.

You can always buy bm facebook with high limits from us. We provide 24h support for all buyers, including in English spiking users, and solve all their possible problems. Our main priority is the lowest price and the highest quality of the goods. All goods in the store are checked for validity before unloading, as well as during the sale, which significantly saves time for our customers.

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