Buy [BEST OFFER] Antik Browser™ Plan. Plan "Solo Lite" For 15 browser profiles. 30-day subscription. Fully Windows and Mac OS(M1) support. + Free accounts pack for Ad. [Read description]

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Attention! By the end of October 2023, buy ANTIK and get free pack of accounts for Ad in FB, TikTok or Google. You can choose: Reinstated or King + softregs products, TikTok BC or regular accouts. Offer valid only when purchasing this product.

By purchasing this product, you get monthly access to the ANTIK multi-browser. You will have access to the "Solo Lite" plan, which allows you to work with 15 separate profiles simultaneously. Windows and Mac OS(M1) operating systems are supported.

Anti-detect browser ANTIK is ideal for working with advertising on platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Google, Yandex and others. Working through our multi-browser, you will maintain your anonymity 100%; ANTIK helps you avoid bans due to multi-accounting, the most common reason for bans on FB, Google and other platforms.

The scope of use of our product is not limited to advertising. We recommend using it to everyone who cares about anonymity on the Internet. Our product will be indispensable if you work in the following areas:

- Traffic arbitrage, Advertising.

- Marketing, SMM.

- Multi-accounting in any services.

- Bonushunting.

- Working with cryptocurrency.

By purchasing our product, you get a modern browser, last chrome version, that fully support any sites, services and tasks that may face on the Internet.

Feel free to ask any questions about the product from our support - @antik_support.

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