Buy [50$] Softreg PVA Facebook Ukraine Account. Reinstated. Selfie passed. Auto-farmed for 4days. 2FA + Profile picture + Token EAAB + Cookies + User-Agent + Foto for selfie.

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Ukrainian selfregs. Registration was done manually, the mail is attached and comes with the kit. Female profile, Russian language. preparation for a duration of 4 for or 4 farming sessions.

Account preparation was carried out in several directions:

- The account is created on a real physical mobile phone, which is carefully prepared and reset. Registration is made via SMS to numbers from MIX GEO. The numbers are not linked to the account.

- The account is subject to a 4-day basic training including the passage of the ban on advertising activities and selfies, if any. At the first stage, the initial filling of accounts is performed.

- At the next stage, most often there is a selfie, if this happens, the account is unlocked. At the same stage, user activity is organized, which includes scrolling the feed, following, as well as leaving reactions. Liking - more often, less often - commenting.

- The next step is to initiate the ZRD. The operations of the user activity are repeated.

- At the penultimate stage, the passage of the ZRD is performed, as well as the repetition of activities for activity within the account.

- At the final stage, the accounts that have passed the ban are selected, all the advertising tools of the accounts are checked, the token and cookies are retrieved.

The preparation of the account is aimed at obtaining a CPRD product with a basic warm-up of user activity. Accounts are suitable for autofill, manual launch or further BM adding. Age of accounts from 10 days.

Recommendations: It is recommended that you log into your account and scroll for a few minutes before linking to auto-start systems.

Check your accounts before first logging in. The working state of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or by checker

After logging into your account, no changes are made. All accounts are checked by this way before listing for sale!

Two-factor authentication enabled on accounts. Every account not includes 2FA codes. Every account also includes 2FA SECRET to generate new keys via or adding an account to Google Authenticator or analogs.


- The account is registered via SMS, on an emulator, or on a real mobile phone;

- Used UA mobile proxies kyivstar (Ukraine), (1 account - 1 IP)

- Rambler mail added;

- Uploaded avatar;

- Date of birth included

- Token EAAB

- Cookies

- User-Agent

Format: Name/lg:pass/mail;pass/id соц/Дата рождения/код 2FA/рк id/token/useragent/coockies