Buy [50$] Selfreg Facebook Ukraine. Prepared for 14 days. Aged + Friends + BM + NEW FP + Avatar + Mail(Gmail) + Token + Cookies + User-Agent

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Ukrainian self-registers are registered on a physical SIM card. Created 2 BM fan pages, as well as carried out deep preparation for 14 days. Suitable for both autoloads and manual start. Policy accepted. If a selfie appeared during the preparation process, it was passed.

Account preparation steps:

- Accounts were created on a pre-heated, through cookie farming, antidetect profile. For registration, a number and gmail mail were used. After the creation of the accounts, they were subjected to a long stay for 30-60 days.

- After the end of the stay on the accounts, a deep imitation of real user activity was carried out. All necessary profile filling is done. As part of farming, the following actions were implemented: liking, commenting, following, posting, reposting, as well as posting stories, and watching broadcasts. As well as adding friends and correspondence with they.

- A separate stage of farming is the creation of two Fan pages of a new and old design, as well as filling them out. In addition, a BM was created, which was confirmed by mail. This stage, more than anything else, orients accounts to further work with advertising tools.

- Another important stage of preparation was external farming, multiple transitions to various Ukrainian sites and services were made to secure advertising interests for accounts.

- On the last day of work, all the advertising tools of the account were checked again, and the token and cookies were also extracted.

As a result of the work done, we have received comprehensively prepared accounts that are suitable for launching advertising, have up to 50 friends, as well as all the necessary objects for work.

It is recommended to run ads via auto-start system on all ads managers at the same time. However, if adding to dolphin or another system, results in a ban, the account will not be subject to replacement. To avoid bans, you may need to first log into your account through antidetect.

Recommendations: It is recommended that you log into your account and scroll for a few minutes before linking to auto-start systems.

Check your accounts before first logging in. The working state of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or by checker

After logging into your account, no changes are made. All accounts are checked by this way before listing for sale!

- The account is registered via SMS, on an emulator, or on a real mobile phone;

- Used UA mobile proxies kyivstar (Ukraine), (1 account - 1 IP)

- Age of account at liest 30 days old;

- Rambler mail added;

- Uploaded avatar;

- Date of birth included

- Token EAAB

- Cookies

- User-Agent