Buy [50$] Social account with BUG. Immortal account. Ghost account. For Bm holding. [Read description]

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Attention! Login to accounts immediately after purchase! If you can't log in right away, don't buy an account. Log in only from high-quality mobile proxies (It is forbidden to use cheap ipv4 proxies) and browser anti-detection.

This product is a blocked facebook account. Because of a bug, the account cannot be blocked, because it is already blocked. However, it can get a selfie checkpoint! In this case, there is no replacement

The account was created to manage BM. Link any BM to your account and run ads, if BM is banned, just link a new one. The account cannot be banned.

Outlook mail is linked to the account. You can access the mail from any ip. Temporary mail is linked as a backup mail for outlook mail. You need to go to the site of temporary mail and log in to it (password is not needed) 10 minutes before entering the outlook mail. After that, request a code from outlook mail and it will come to temporary mail.

After logging into your account, after 48 hours, change the password on your account and mail, as well as relink other mail to outlook mail.

Attention! We transfer Accounts manually, after purchase, write to the store support( @npprteam_support), indicate the order number.

Format: id;password;email;cookie