Buy [250$] Verified Facebook Business Manager. Ads limit is 50. Verified for real Ukraine company documents. Can share pixel + Email verified. Aged up to 30 days.

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- Verified using a real company documents from Ukraine
- Ads manger limit is 50$.
- You must delete all other admin except you after 7 days. We dont responsible for BMs over time.

Verified Facebook Business Manager From Ukraine. Verified uding a real company documents from Ukraine. You can share the pixel, as well as create more advertising cabinets after some spend. The BM limit increases over time. Created 1 advertising account with USD currency. Admin can be removed after 7 days. Sites to which BM is verified are available via HTTPS.

Warranty for BM (Replacement):

- In case with access problems.

- In case BM is already banned at the entrance.

- In case if it isn't verified(No green dot) while ener in it or in the "Company Information" are not showing.

- If the site to which BM is confirmed is offline.

No Warranty (No Replacement):

- After any action in the BM. Card adding, sending an appeal, launching ads, etc.

- If verifications was revoked due to inactivity the next day (Guaranteed until the end of the day)

- If BM is banned due to inactivity the next day (Guaranteed until the end of the day)

- If for any reason you don't like the site that was used to confirm the BM.

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