Buy [50$] BANNED BM WHICH CAN RUN AN AD. Facebook Business Manager. 50 limit. You can add cards + share pixel + add domains.

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Please enter in BM right after buying. Warranty till the end of the day! Repalace in case if product does not match the description.

Banned BM, which can work with other ads managers and FP. BM itself is banned, but you can endlessly add new cabinets and FP there and run ads! 

A blocked BM cannot create ads managers. Therefore, if you want to run advertising, you need to add third-party ads managers to the BM. Added ads managers may be blocked over time, but new ones can be added in their place.  There is no limit on adding ads managers.

Hi there, please read this carefully before getting into work with IMMORTAL BM.

to set up it you need to go and request acces to an ad account they'll ask for your Page's ID first and then complete the steps.

(before requesting that ad account keep in mind you'll start launching ads with it's pixel so before even requesting it, create a pixel and set up it normally on that ad account or personal ad account etc..)

when you're done, once the AD account is on the BM go to ad accounts click add and add yourself (the immortal profile name)

go to ads manager to launch your first ad and you'll find that the pixel you have on your ad account is already there and then you can run ads normally. 

Format: id;Link1;Link2