Buy [50$] Softreg PVA Facebook Turkey Account. Added 2 Verified facebook business manager. No mail included. Login + password + cookie + BM invitation links.

In stock 5 pcs 40.00 $


Turkish softregs are registered via SMS. Türkiye proxy. 2 verified BMs have been added to accounts. BM dayily spend limit is 50$, which can increase after some spend. Included are invitation links. You can enter BM via links or via account. After some spend you can create more ads managers.

- BM and account limit - $50 per day.
- BM was verified using express method, without company documents.
- BM will not work with whatsapp API
- There is no "Green dot" when accepting the BM

Warranty for product (Replacement of goods):

- In case there are problems with access.

- In case BM or account was banned before purchase. Checked by a checker before logging into your account -

- If BM is not verified in "Company info" section or verification was revoked before purchase.

No Warranty (No Replacement):

- If BM or accounts are banned after any action. Logging in, linking a card, sending docs, launching ads, etc.

- If BM verification was canceled after any action.

- If the BM or account is banned due to inactivity the next day (Guarantee until the end of the day). No claims are accepted in this case.

- If the pixel is not sharing or new ads mangers are not created or added. In this case, you need to keep spending.