Buy [50$] PVA Softreg Facebook. Create via SMS. Prepared for 28 days. From 100 friends + Interests + NEW FP + 2 BM + 2FA + Profile picture + Mail + Token + Cookies + User-Agent + Act

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Accounts are registered from Ukrainian mobile ip (Kyiv) via antidetect. Russian language, names in Cyrillic, female profiles. Registration is done by SMS. Mail included. Created by FP and BM.

Account preparation steps:

- Accounts are created on a prepared profile in the actidetect. Only high-quality Ukrainian mobile proxies are used, from which all further work is also performed. Between registration and the start of farming, accounts were inactive for 7 days.

- Preparation of accounts is the organization of deep user activity, affecting all aspects of interaction with facebook. This includes: filling in and filling out the profile, imitation of user activity (like, following, commenting, posting, reposting). Completed 4 farming sessions on a weekly basis, which allows for a period of 28 days to carefully prepare the account without re-farming it.

- In addition to interacting with the content, there were correspondences with real users. Added friends, whose accounts are from 100 people. A BluePrint walkthrough was performed to target the account to work with ads.

- The creation of NEW FP and BM is carried out as a separate stage and further focuses accounts on advertising activities. FP goes through its own stages of preparation, including full filling, as well as de posting. BM is created through instagram, ACs are created, mail in BM is confirmed.

- To form advertising interests on the account, volumetric activity is organized inside and outside facebook. Ad clicks, lead abandonment, and order formation were performed in the second part of the preparation. And activity outside of facebook, with visits to various sites, portals and services, was done on an ongoing basis.

- On the last day of preparation, all advertising tools of accounts are checked again, tokens and cookies containing cookies from all third-party sites are retrieved.

As a result of the work, we got quite active, prepared accounts, referral to work with advertising or further self-training. The total age of accounts is up to 2 months.

Recommendations: It is recommended that you log into your account and scroll for a few minutes before linking to auto-start systems.

Check your accounts before first logging in. The working state of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or by checker

After logging into your account, no changes are made. All accounts are verified in this way before listing for sale!

Two-factor authentication enabled(MAY NOT ENABLED). 2 FA codes included. Also included a key to get new codes via site or Google authenticator. If you log in with a username-password, Facebook will ask for a 6-digit secret code. To generate codes, use site or Google authenticator mobile application or the extension. For ISSUER text anything, and SECRET included,  it looks like 8 groups of 4 characters each.

- Password

- Name and Surname (in Cyrillic)

- Birthday

- Link to Facebook profile

- User Agent

- Token EAAB

- Cookies

Format: FB;Пароль FB;linkfb;Token;UserAGent;cookie