Buy [50$] Softreg Facebook Turkey Account. Reinstated. Reg via mail. Aged 6+ months. BM 250 + Docs + Mail + Avatar + Cookies

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Softregs which created via email on Turkey mobile proxy. Avatar added. Mail included. Docs included you can found it in account in personal feed. MAIL MANUAL -

On accounts are passed ad restrictions (ZRD). After that, accounts do nothing for several days.

On accounts have 1-2 BM 250 limit. Ads manager will have 50$ limit.

Check your accounts before first logging in. The working state of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or by checker

After logging into your account, no changes are made. All accounts are verified in this way before listing for sale!

- ZRD account passed;

- Registration via WEB;

- Registration for mobile proxies, (1 account - 1 IP)
- Created and connected mail (included);
- Token EAAB or EAAA
- Cookies. Warning! Cookie have a base64 format. You can convert it to JSON here -