Buy [USD] [AUTOMATIC PAY] TikTok PVA Ads account. France. Verified by E-Mail. Aged 3+ days. Token.

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Tiktok ads accounts are created on MAC OS through the proxy of the French mobile operator SFR (Numericable). Registration was preceded by preliminary preparation of the profile, various sites, online stores and services were visited, and only after that (the next day) was the Tiktok ads profile registered to outlook mail. A business account has been created, all the necessary data has been filled in using information from the geo account.

After registration (on the third day) there was a little account preparation aimed at increasing trust, which included communication with Tiktok ad support in order to prepare the account for the imminent launch of advertising.

After all the actions, the account cookies were retrieved, as well as a rest period of 3-5 days was carried out.

Country: France

Registration method: Web version. manual registration.

Used fingerprints: MAC OS

Payment type: AUTOMATIC

Account currency: USD Without VAT

Open Countries: Europe

Recommendations: You need to log into your account with a browser anti-detect and a proxy under the geo account. Access via VPN is prohibited. Pay with PayPal (not always available) or French (European) bank cards.

Login here: . After the purchase, check the accounts immediately through the mail, if there is a letter in the mail that the account has been banned, you do not need to go to it.

If after logging in the account is blocked (the date and time of the ban is set by mail), a replacement will not be provided. The maximum time to verify the account, until the end of the day. After linking a card or launching advertising, accounts cannot be replaced.