Buy [50$] Selfreg IG Created for gambling vertical. 10-day farming. 1000+ Subscribers. Mail included.

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Accounts are created manually and specially prepared for incentivized, gambling or traffic of similar verticals. Manual registration through FP Facebook, as well as confirmation of accounts by mail and SMS, allows you to achieve a higher trust compared to other methods. High-quality Turkish proxies are used for creation and preparation. Communication with the CIS FB segment is completely absent.

Account preparation steps:

- Search for an unhackneyed, non-media, not promoted donor with suitable content, as well as working out a content plan for a future account.

- Daily logins and organization of activity in the system. Like, scroll. Viewing ads, clicking on links.

- Daily posting according to the content plan. Geolocation of posts and their description and design are given special attention.

- Gradual promotion and natural attraction of subscribers through high-quality content.

- Daily manual placement of interactive stories and organization of audience engagement. The mechanics of surveys, musical accompaniment, placement of texts and indication of geolocation are used to increase trust in the account and its content.

As a result of the work, trusted, developed, live, active accounts with a thousand subscribers and real involvement of subscribers in the content are obtained. At least 12 posts (stories) for 10 days and 5-7 fixed highlights make the account indistinguishable from the real one from the point of view of IG, as well as the target audience. It is possible to provide links to accounts before buying. There is no account selection.

Preparation includes many more steps than listed here. We deliberately do not disclose the entire scheme of work, in order to maintain the high quality of the goods. As a result of preparation, accounts are obtained that are practically indistinguishable from the accounts of real people. All accounts are a fully prepared solution to be used for various verticals like gambling.

Profile examples:

It is possible to pre-order any number of accounts with the desired content, language and design. 100% prepayment required. Order can be made via Telegram: NPPRTEAM_SUPPORT

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