Buy [50$] Manual registration Facebook Account. NATIVE FP NEW EXPIRIENCE CREATED. FP + Profile picture + Mail + Token EAAB + Cookies + User-Agent

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Manual registration accounts for Ukrainian ip. Manual registration accounts are better suited for launching ads instead softregs, due to their durability. Registered on the emulator in the application, with a preliminary warming up of cookies and subsequent transfer to antidetect, to prepare an account. Female., token received. The limit is $ 50. Suitable for "first billing style". FP new expirience is created

Check your accounts before first logging in. The working state of accounts is checked by its id ( Example or by checker

After logging into your account, no changes are made. All accounts are checked by this way before listing for sale!

- Registration from a emulator. IP Ukraine.

- Added an avatar.

- 2FA SECRET included.

- Mail included.

- Date of birth included.

- Cookie. Full browser cookies including third party cookies.

- Uыer-agent.

- Token.

Format:Login:password:mail password:date:ID:User-agent:token:cookie