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Our main priority is product quality and availability. Based on more than two years of experience in affiliate marketing, we carefully select and test FB accounts for advertising Facebook Ad and Facebook BMs. We also try to maintain a low cost in the accounts market.

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[290$ 275$][NO LIMIT] UNLIMITED Facebook Business Manager. Facebook BM5. Ads manager have NO limit. Can spend NO LIMIT sinsce first day! 5 unlimited ad accounts already shared im BM 4 275.00 $ / 1 pcs
[90$ 89$] [250$] Facebook OLD Business Manager. BM5 250. Created in 2022 year. Ads manager have 250 limit. Can spend 250$ sinsce first day! Can create 4 ads after enter. 12 89.00 $ / 1 pcs
[250$] Verified Facebook Business Manager. WITH BALLOONS. 1000 messages per day + 2 phone numbers avaliable. Whatsapp API, Apps will work. Ad account created. GEO MIX. 2 75.00 $ / 1 pcs
[250$] Facebook Business Manager. BM5 250. Created on 2018-2024 year. Ads manager have 250 limit. Can spend 250$ sinsce first day! Can create 4 ads after enter in BM. 7 59.00 $ / 1 pcs
[250$] Facebook Business Manager. BM1 250. Ads manager have 250 limit. Can spend 250$ sinsce first day! Can create 4 ads after first payment. 3 49.00 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] Verified Facebook USA. Business Manager. Whatsapp API, Apps will work. Ad account created. 2 55.00 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] Turkey Facebook profile + 3 Verified Business Managers. Verified via id. Login + Password + Cookie. LIMIT IS 50$ 3 39.00 $ / 1 pcs
[250$] Verified Facebook Business Manager. Warranty for verification 5 days. Whatsapp API, Apps will work. Ad account created. 1 38.00 $ / 1 pcs
[250$] Verified Facebook OLD Business Manager. Whatsapp API, Apps will work. 2018-2022. 17 50.00 $ / 1 pcs
[29$ 27$] [50$] Verified Reinstated. Facebook Business Manager. Verified via id. 2 invitation links. 5 27.00 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] Verified Facebook Italy. Business Manager. Whatsapp API, Apps will work. Ad account created. 2 35.00 $ / 1 pcs
[39$ 29$] [250$] OLD Account|Profile Facebook 2013-2023 year created. 250$ limit since first day. Login + Pass + 2FA + Mail. THIS IS NOT A BM. 10 29.00 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] Verified Facebook France. Business Manager. Whatsapp API, Apps will work. Ad account created. 3 35.00 $ / 1 pcs
[50$] Verified Facebook Business Manager. Verified via id. 2 invitation links. 2 19.00 $ / 1 pcs

Buy Facebook Business Manager For Ads. Principles of Working with Facebook Business Managers: Choosing the Right FB BM for You

The approach to advertising on Facebook has evolved over time, and using a regular advertising account became less convenient. To address this, Facebook introduced the Business Manager (BM) feature, allowing users to centralize and manage multiple accounts in one place. However, with the variety of BM options available, it's important to understand which one suits your needs and how to purchase a high-quality and long-lasting Facebook Business Manager. Let's categorize them and briefly discuss each type:

  1. Regular Facebook Business Manager: Typically has a low daily spending limit of $50. It is affordable (starting from 50r) and recommended for testing or running campaigns with small budgets.
  2. Verified BM: These products are often associated with increased "Trust" but are mainly used for interacting with Facebook via WhatsApp API or working with applications.
  3. Unlimited BM: Designed for professionals, these BM1 have no limits on daily account spending. They are used for launching large-scale advertising campaigns.
  4. BM with Advertising Ban Lifted: In some challenging verticals where the risk of BM blocking is higher, purchasing a Facebook BM passed PZRD can be beneficial. These products are similar to regular accounts but have had their blocks removed to increase trust.
  5. Agency BM and 250-Limit BM: Although rare, these goods are available in our store but come at higher prices due to limited availability. Agency BMs have direct access to Facebook support and are highly valued for this feature.

After Purchasing a Facebook Business Account: Step-by-Step Instructions

Before delving into the details of working with a BM, you should already have a solid FB profile to link your BM to since it cannot exist separately from an account—it is an internal object within the advertising infrastructure, just like a fan page or ad account.

  1. Prepare at least two accounts that will serve as BM administrators, especially when purchasing a verified BM or other expensive products.
  2. Follow the invitation link you received from the store and follow Facebook's instructions.
  3. After logging in, carefully check all BM functions to ensure nothing is blocked.
  4. Review the list of administrators managing your BM, removing them after 7 days to retain sole access.
  5. If you purchased a 250-limit BM or another high-limit product, thoroughly check its functionality.
  6. If you encounter an error when accepting the BM, provide a screenshot to support and request a replacement.
  7. If you notice that the invitation has already been used, urgently contact our support team with your order number and describe the problem.

By following this checklist, you can save time and avoid potential issues before starting work. In the next section, we'll discuss working with BMs in more detail, common mistakes to avoid, and how to protect yourself from problems and financial losses.

Working with BMs: How to Avoid Being Banned – 14 Golden Rules from Professionals

  • Avoid creating multiple BMs on one account simultaneously; it's better not to attempt this at all. Buying a Facebook Business Manager is easier than dealing with blocks caused by self-creation.
  • Only purchase expensive products if you are certain they meet your needs. In most cases, a $1 BM covers all necessary tasks.
  • If you don't need to manage multiple accounts, consider purchasing a farm account instead of a BM.
  • Avoid linking your BM to cheap auto-generated or inactive accounts without friends. These accounts may fail and get blocked.
  • Link a card to your BM from the same country as the account where you attached the BM.
  • Wait 2-4 hours after entering before linking the card to your BM.
  • It's best to use an account that has previously run ads. This signals to Facebook that you are a reliable advertiser.
  • Note that a BM is not tied to any specific country. Avoid searching for "Facebook Business Manager Ukraine" as all BMs can work with accounts worldwide.
  • Read the descriptions of all BM verifications carefully. If express verification has been passed, the BM will not work with WhatsApp API and applications.
  • Always remove other admins and link your backups on the People tab in settings. This ensures you won't lose access to your BM if your account gets banned.
  • File an appeal whenever your BM gets blocked. There's a chance it will be restored and continue working.
  • The ability to sharing with a pixel exists only in older BMs, not all of them. Inquire about this feature with support or upgrade to a $300+ BM that provides pixel access.
  • An account with a lifted ban and an attached Business Manager is currently considered the best option for linking.

Never delay working with your BM; start running ads within 24 hours of purchase. Keep in mind that most verified BMS have a limit of 50, which can increase over time.

While this list of recommendations isn't exhaustive, it covers important aspects. Nuances may vary depending on your specific work parameters or advertising needs. For example, note that verified BMS must be confirmed in specific states.

Finding the Best Quality Facebook Business Manager: Why Buying Unlimited BM5 is More Profitable

In this article, we've discussed working principles, common mistakes, the features of different BMs, and how to avoid bans. Now, let's delve deeper into the topic and provide tips for purchasing a BM.

The reason there are so many BMs for sale with varying prices is that they are created on different accounts, using different requests and setups. This results in differences in the final product's quality. To buy a high-quality facebook BM, follow this checklist:

  • Find 2-3 products that are similar in price, age, and other characteristics.
  • Immediately link them to the same accounts after purchase.
  • Work with them in the same way.
  • Evaluate which product performs better than others once ads are launched.
  • Proceed only with the products that have been tested and proven effective.

Once you master the testing process and identify high-quality products that work best for you, it's essential to increase efficiency. Inexpensive BMS often cannot support multiple advertising accounts or require more time to do so. Here are some advantages of high-limit products like Unlimited BMS or BM250-Limit :

  • Higher limits indicate greater trustworthiness compared to other options.
  • You can create up to 5 ads (Ad Accounts) within one BM—a feature not available in BM50.
  • Sharing pixels with other BMs or accounts is typically possible for scaling advertising campaigns.


However, keep in mind that these types of BMS may come at higher prices due to their benefits and higher demand.

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Our store always offers various types of BMS. We guarantee the high quality of each product; if you encounter any issues with a non-working BM, please contact our support team for a replacement.